Advertising Campaign/Match Program

IAR’s Advertising Campaign/Match Program (formerly the Statewide Advertising Program) is a program for local boards, associations, and chapters to advertise in their local area. The campaign is intended to promote REALTORS®, MLS Websites, homeownership, and the web site.

To be eligible to participate in the campaign, local boards, associations, and chapters must agree to match an advertising stipend provided by the Iowa Association of REALTORS®. IAR will provide a 50% match of funds spent (up to a maximum payment from the IAR of $10.00 per local board member).

In order to be reimbursed through the Advertising Campaign/Match Program, boards, associations, and chapters must use the following tagline in their advertising and/or promotional materials. Please note this text has been changed to more closely align with NAR’s current promotional efforts.

“REALTORS® are the defenders of home ownership.

There are many new NAR advertising resources available on the NAR WebsiteNAR’s Ad Generator is a great tool and there are many choices available for different designs and messages. See step-by-step instructions on how to use the Ad Generator, which is a great tool.  Places boards may want to run local ads include radio, newspaper, TV, billboard, bus/bus top, movie theaters, parades, sporting events, and more.

Remember: let IAR know that your board wishes to participate and use this tagline:
“REALTORS® are the defenders of home ownership.
Visit” in your ads.

Participating boards, associations and chapters must notify IAR by May 30 of each year if you plan to participate in the Advertising Campaign/Match Program that year. Please call Stephanie Hamling at at 800-532-1515, Ext. 335, or
For more information on the Advertising Campaign/Match Program and reimbursement, please contact: Stephanie Hamling at 800-532-1515, Ext. 335, or
For more information the Ad Generator and your local ads, please contact:
Heather Fegan at 800-532-1515 Ext. 347, or or Mark Gavin at 800-532-1515 Ext. 345, or

NAR Ad Generator

If it’s your first time using the ad generator, you will need to click on the SIGN UP NOW button in the lower left hand corner. This will take you through the process of creating your own NAR Ad Generator account. Fill in the required fields, including association name, NRDS ID, first name, last name, email, address, phone, etc. When you have successfully completed this you will be enrolled “into the system” and able to move forward. Note: the next time you use the Ad Generator you can just sign in by providing your email and password (on right side of Ad Generator home page)

  1. Once you are enrolled and logged in, you’ll come to the first screen, which gives you choices of the type of ad you want: print, broadcast, or online. Click on the type you’d like. Each type will take you through several easy steps to select and tailor your ad. We’ll use Print as an example so click on SELECT PRINT.
  2. Next you will see numerous campaigns and titles of ads – again you can choose any. Look around and see what’s there. We’ll use “Ads Targeting Home Buyers” for our example so click on that.
  3. Next you will choose the size and color scheme for your ad (color or black and white). You’ll see several sizes and shapes of ads. Click on the color format under the size you prefer. Important note: if none of these sizes are what you’re looking for, click on the blue button at the top of the page: CUSTOM SIZES AND OUTDOOR MATERIALS (this is for billboards and bus shelters). By selecting this option you will be able to select various billboards, bus shelters, or may create your own sized ad. For this option you will want to check on the size, format, resolution, etc. that your printer requires. Please also note: there is a fee for custom and outdoor advertising materials. For our example we’ll choose 5.375 X 8.25 in color – so click on COLOR below this size ad.
  4. Now you are taken into the Design Studio. Take a moment here to familiarize yourself with the different sections, which you’ll be going through soon. Click on Get Started Making Your Ad on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. First you’ll want to SELECT IMAGE – Step #1 on the left hand side of the screen. You can view the different photos that are available. Click on the one you like.
  6. Step #2 is to SELECT COPY or the message. Click on the small arrow beside the MORE OPTIONS button to see the different messages available for this particular ad. Click on ENLARGE to be able to read the copy more easily. When you are happy with your selection, which appears in the window onscreen and also with the image at the left, move on to the next step. Note: Some of the ads only have one copy; others have several options from which to choose.
  7. Step #3 is to EDIT CUSTOM COPY. Here is where you may type in your tailored message, and may go if you are creating an ad for use in the Statewide Advertising Program (matching funds). You may also view and add a logo here. When you are happy with your selection, which appears in the window onscreen and also with the image at the left, move on to the next step. Note: Some of the various ads do not have custom copy options, while others do.
  8. Step #4 - #5 is to OUTPUT FILE. Type a file name in the window and select the type of PDF you need, low or high resolution. Note: High resolution is what most printers will probably want. Low resolution is good for the web.
  9. Once you select and click on the resolution you want, you’ll be directed to the final screen, which will tell you that you have created a FREE High resolution PDF and that the PDF is being rendered. The file will then be added to your account page.
  10. When your ad is ready it will appear in MANAGE MY FILES. Look for the name of the ad that you assigned to it in and click on download. The ad will download onto your computer.
Congrats you did it! Now you can email the ad or save to a CD or flash drive for your printer.

Please contact Mark Gavin at or Heather Fegan at, if you have questions.